Monday, October 19, 2009

Those lousy..........

I wrote a chapter in my book about one of the most challenging aspects of parenting:  teething.  When teething is not going well, life can be miserable.  I have now found something else that has an immediate affect on the direction of my day.  Not one to complain......but I've been a little bit grumpy today.
For the second time in the last 8 days, my daughter-(and almost her entire middle school population of girls)-have been sent home with lice.

That basically results in laundering the entire house of soft material.  Linens, blankets, pillow cases, clothes, throw rugs, sleeping bags, hats.  Anything that has come into contact with the child.  So that means that last Tuesday and today, I did about 8 loads of laundry.  Each day.  AND I vacuumed the entire house at least twice.  Each day.  And then......I shaved my son's head. I would have shaved mine also, except I am bald.  (But I am continually checking my eyebrows).  So, after giving my daughter a 150 proof-grain alcohol shampoo to burn up any little critters trying to stow away in her long blond hair,  my daughter is now off to bed, hair drenched in pure virgin olive oil and wrapped in a plastic bag.  Grain alcohol and olive oil.  Once your kids hit middle school, keep some extra in the pantry.

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