Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Comb On!

The middle school didn't let my daughter back in to her class today, because they found a dead nit in her hair.  They didn't find a single louse in her hair, not even a living nit.  Just a dead one.  And because the school has a no-nit policy, we were directed off campus with the task of making sure not one living or dead parasite will be in her hair when we return.  So after coffee and coffee cake with my partner at one of the local cafes in Fairfax, I spent no less than 4 hours nit-combing and nit-picking in Laurel's hair.  And I'll tell daughter's hair is clean, baby.  Real clean.  We are going to school  tomorrow morning at 8:15 and gonna waltz right into that little inspection room off the administration office and hold our heads high as they try and find one live or one dead nit on my daughter's head.  It ain't gonna happen.  They don't exist.  They better not.

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