Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cool Dad? Or Fool Dad?

     You all know what night this is, right?  There's a New Moon out tonight and it's not the one in the starry starry sky.  Vampires and werewolves and gore, oh my!
     The movie, "New Moon", second in the Twilight series, premiers across the country tonight at midnight.  My 12 year-old daughter and her friends wanted to go.  So they asked, totally expecting an "are you out of your mind, it's a school night" reply.  But no.  For some strange reason, parents of two of Laurel's girlfriends said yes.  So did I.  I even volunteered to drive them there at 10:45 pm, go home and read a bit, or sleep some, before returning to the theater to pick them up.  All the while somehow taking care of my 8 year old, Sage.  Do I let him stay up and run the taxi service with me?  Splitting all tips?  Or do I put him to bed and wake him up for the transporting?  I went to a neighbor for the first delivery.  Naim will come to the house and hang here, with Sage sleeping, while I'm gone for the 15 minute shuttle.  As for the pick-up at 2 am.......I guess I am just going to have to wrap Sage up in a blanket, burrito style, and take him with me for an early morning excursion.
     So the question I cool dad as the 3 girls would like to believe, for letting them go in the first place.  Driving them in the 2nd?  Or, as I am trying to wake them tomorrow morning for school at 7:15 am (showers, getting dressed, breakfast), preparing them to function in school with their teachers surely knowing what has happened tonight, will I find myself wearing the honor as fool dad?  Only time, a couple buckets of popcorn, and a very early alarm clock will tell.
     It's gonna be a long night. 

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